Diamonds are Forever…and so are Tattoos

I​f diamonds are precious results from extreme environments, then what comes from the hearts of those who’ve endured a troubled life? 

T​heir beauty is unique; emerging from differing experiences, their worth is unparalleled. 

W​e are all the outcome of our circumstances, and those outcomes leave the world full of people with different attributes and behaviors. Every experience and every quality not like the other.

L​et me share a little background story about one of my tattoos. 

O​n my eighteenth birthday in 2009, when the “scene” scene was going strong, I got my first tattoo. A super original, well-thought-out, totally trendy diamond, perfectly placed on my wrist – at the point where it could be covered, so I could still be employed, of course, because I was a responsible adult making this decision. 

Although I may have been attempting to have cool points for my tattoo of choice, I did honestly think it through beforehand (for about a year seeing as how my dad didn’t let me impulsively get it during our trip to Texas when I was seventeen). 

There’s some debate on how diamonds are created – from coal or from extreme temperatures and pressure, then brought to surface from a volcanic eruption and so on. 

Either way, we know these highly sought jewels have been through some serious…stuff. And not only are they a beautiful symbol of thriving through hardships, but they are also incredibly durable due to the fact. 

T​o me, this was perfectly fitting, even regarding the placement. The diamond was placed above the scars, which constantly reminded me of my moments of despair, now giving me reassurance that despite those moments, I was coming out on top of it all. Stronger, braver, and still beautiful even with permanent, mangled marks along my arm. 

N​ow, ten years later, I realize how beautifully rare we are as people who’ve not had the easiest journey in life and our value we bring to those around us. Having wanted to disappear so much before because I felt like life was too tough, I now see where our value lies and the purpose we serve as a precious inspiration to others that we are not alone and we can rise above our troubled past. We are not victims to our circumstances, but an astounding outcome of it. 

W​e are the ones who love unconditionally and with full force. We are the ones who will always listen and never judge. We are the ones who will run to help others and expect nothing in return. 

W​e are the ones with a heart made of the most precious gems.

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