One Grande, Iced Caramel Macchiato with an Extra Shot of Hormones, Please.

T​his one goes out to all my pregnant ladies, emotional ladies, or anyone who wants to laugh at my suffering. Enjoy.

Today started early for me, not just in the sense of waking up at 7 am, but also the actual, physical pain of trying to get out of bed this morning. I could not move. Well, I could, except not without a striking sharp pain in my back and down my leg. 

Some pregnant women might know what this feels like, or even if you’re a person who suffers from sciatica pains; you’ll feel me when I say it’s a struggle like no other to get out of bed with it going on. Cameron literally pushed me up to hobble along.

I​ am walking around, slower than a sloth to meet the dog I’m watching for Rover. This path includes stairs (how could I ever be so lucky to live on the second floor). So, I’m trying to do this weird, grandma shuffle to avoid triggering any pains, but the plan fails miserably. Whenever the pains do strike, I screech from the sudden shock and pause for a second to avoid falling. Super fun, particularly for those passing by wondering what in the world I may be doing. 

I ​eventually get this overly excited pup back to the apartment, but I have to go take another dog out because I like to live a challenging lifestyle. Did I mention I also didn’t get enough sleep? 

Starbucks it will be

But it’s Thursday morning, so I have to go inside unless I want to spend the next fifty years in the drive-through. As I walk to the counter to place my order, I stumble from pain (surprise), and so the sweet lady at the counter is then concerned for my safety as I’m distinctly pregnant at this point.

A​s I try terribly hard to stand/sit comfortably without drawing any attention from my shrieks, at long last, I get my order and head back to my car, except the pains still continue. At this point, I become overwhelmed. I felt so hopeless because I couldn’t even manage to get a drink without having this pain. I manage to hold back tears while I’m outside, but as soon as I got in my car, cue the Great Flood. 

It’s always been this way, where if I feel stuck or can’t help myself, I start freaking out uncontrollably which typically ends with tears. Add in some hormones and there’s no helping me. I tried relentlessly to push through walking the second dog or moving around in general, but I felt so frustrated. The single way I’m coping is from talking to Cam and having him to lean on, figuratively and literally speaking. 

T​his is a seemingly pointless story, but it’s another opportunity for me to throw in the importance of having a support system of some sort. Not isolating yourself is beneficial, even if you want nothing to do with having any company. If I knew I didn’t have Cam to talk to, I would still be in tears. We don’t want that though, we’re seeking happiness here! Speak up and talk to someone whenever you need to (emphasis on need rather than want). 

I​f you have any tips for sciatica pain, please feel free to share! 

F​or anyone curious, the severity of my pain is due to my ever-changing mind deciding to spend two days on my feet to go from blue hair to blonde. 

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