The Start of Happiness

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Lao Tzu

I won’t bombard you with a life story, not yet at least. I did want to thank you though, for being here, for your curiosity, whatever brought you to the happy-ish blog. Hopefully it means something I’ve spent confused hours on, trying to build from scratch with zero idea of what I’m doing or supposed to be doing, actually sparked your interest.

I wanted to thank you in advance for supporting this journey of mine, even if it’s solely the start. It has taken a tremendous amount of courage – and painful learning – to bring myself to share such a private part of my life publicly, but I feel ready and am grateful you’re here for it.

So, thank you, truly; whether you are a complete stranger who’s wandered aimlessly here or you’re a friend that I coerced into being here. This will be a messy start, but a start nonetheless, into a place where I hope you can relate to; where you might feel like you’re not alone in your own crazy roller coaster of a journey. 

My mind is full of thoughts and ideas to share. But apologies because they’re jumbled like my writing. The point to this is I’m here to share how I’ve found happiness in a chaotic life that doesn’t stop when depression strikes. Perhaps it will help you find your happiness in those moments or perhaps it will help you notice those moments in a loved one’s life.

We are not alone in this and it takes a single moment of awareness to find the start of happiness.


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